Limelight Love

It was a long day
And I returned home
Promenading elsewhere, from the bus stop

I hoofed on the road to a limelit lamp, meteoric gleam
My gloves yawning into my winter cloak
I saw a sweet face everytime the light came on
An unworldly heartsick man stood by
In all jet black; Tall and pale
Olive lime eyes heeded me

The chest pumped as I raced my heels
This was my darling, he was right there
So, I called out his name
Responding, he smiled
Relief; the happiness,verged
He held out his hand
I reached

We spent infinity on earth, at a country café
And began to rhapsodize conversations of sci-fi, music, christmas, theatre all okay
He told me how he had been, how his work wasn’t all that good
That he reminisced of me time to time
That whenever he did, strummed a few acoustic chords
And weeped a droplet or two
I wrote about him
And did too.
If one were to make a wish out of wishes, I would want time to freeze
In its control, to let me meet his warm cheek across the table;
Eternal elapse

A hasty night curtain, he leaves
A never tomorrow with me, with us
Outside that cranky door
The coffee cold by my trembling fingers
He’s gone into his life
Where I can’t watch him grow

That night I had forgotten
But,I still hoofed on the road to a limelit lamp
I see a sweet face everytime the light comes on
He holds out his hand, smiling

The chest pumps as I race my heels
Reality aches over fantasy
R&B player dismays a delusive mind
I sink to my knees next to the pole
On the snowy esplanade, reflecting a meteoric gleaming

This scene, the starless episode
I told them to fix the lamp

It was a long day
And I returned home.

The Passionate Night’s Plead


The heartfelt melody seeps through a millennium agglomerated layers of soot and smoke
Deep down, worn and torn bodies smuggle lorries, riding the starless infinite eventide

Me and you are strangers, smeared in blood
Smacked in kisses, drowning in the night of sheer bliss

Under the dazzling moon, we shall rise and fall rhythmically
As you penetrate the lechery in me, for all thy world’s joy lies in my benevolent bosom.

Ah, what a splendid harmony
As our breathes quicken and you rise higher and higher above that dazzling moon, spreading your flamboyant wings
Embracing me from all hell’s misery

Ah, what a sin it makes, to adore you
       what a sin it makes, to yearn for you


I shall be your humble Empress on this sin filled obscureness
Guarding hell’s glory against you

Give us freedom
Give us joy
Give us Amour

And cheers to the sinless lone glass pieces
Rendering to their souls.

Wandering the night ceiling

Things have been dead hard this year. I’d call it the year of epiphanies and heartache, reality like two bullet trains traversing in the same direction collide and create havoc. I didn’t know and still don’t know why I chase after people even when they may turn out different from what I had envisioned and sometimes I cross the road to avoid them despite the fact that I’m dying to see them.
Can there be an alternate or parallel universe in which I’m bold enough to confront my feelings without the fear of rejection? Suppose, there was. And, I’d done beautifully. I’d climbed up hills, spat poetic verses,didn’t cross roads, instead went straight barging into their house and grabbed them by the face and told them all that I ever had to say.
Now, that I think of it, doesn’t seem so difficult but Imagine I was outside their apartment. I would feel as if my heart had fell 10 feet beneath, my hands shivering, blood pressure and adrenaline top of the scale, heavy breathing, panic and distortion.  A mess. Wreck. Lunatic.  Impossible, it’s never going to happen.

It’s dark, curtains closed, away from city lights, bed lights, room lights or whatever lights- as long as the brightness doesn’t invade my sanity at stake. I’ll be honest, I hate light of any sort especially when I’m indoors, contrary to the fact that I was born during the day or maybe it works the other way around. You were born in the light so you fancy the night. That’s also one of the reasons I carry an umbrella around with me during summer, trust me, it’s a fucking sauna in Dubai, no space. Humidity greases and curls my hair-ah! Monstrous, sunspots, crazy tan, hot showers (why do I have hair fall) and steamy everything. Right now, I’m huddled up in my blanket writing by an uncomfortable Samsung keypad. I just finished two by third of an incredibly lengthy psychology chapter which took me about four hours in general. The ceiling holds my breath, beneath it swirl streaks of conditioned air.

Speaking of conditioning, psychologists like B.F skinner and Ivan P. Pavlov used rats and dogs to explain types of conditioning, which I conclude is through cruel choiceless manipulations.  Starvation, harnessing, isolation and lack of humane, but these experiments in various laboratory settings were necessitated to decipher the process of learning developments and associations under a given situation. Throughout history, sacrifices had been made, cruel methods were adopted, animals and organisms were harmed to explain and understand the human life; evolution, physiological functions, environmental occurrences, cognitive processes, etcetera.
There’s nothing gained without sacrifice.
Like they say ‘No pain, no gain’  this brings me to think of criticism towards non-vegans or vegetarians. Meat eaters did not choose to eat meat right from the start, they were brought up in such a surrounding, emulating their behaviour and mannerism upon influence. Of course, later on, they can choose differently. But, the question I’d like to ask is that

‘Are plants any different than meat providing animals like cow and goat just because they don’t seem to appear as living beings and wail when they are cut?’

Rather than the visual shrewd cruelty. People should also evaluate the nature of our species or any species for that matter where survival occurs through feeding off of the weaker and more vulnerable organisms. We’re animals after all so why criticise and make faces to meat lovers. Is killing plants not considered killing?

If carrots could run and cry, would it be that the goat were its friend?

What I’m trying to say is, in certain biased backward civilisations and remote countries, people still have stereotypes because of the source of food different individuals have.
Anyway, aside from all that, I’ve regained myself from an episode of nothingness I should say. I’m proud of the me who picks up the pieces from the cold marvel. The one who walks glamorously and smiles like an idiot. I profusely admit, I frantically OCD, overthink, fantasise, stress, am emotionally sensitive deep inside though appear to be quite tough, emotionless and all bearing. In the movie when Marnie was there, anna in the first scene speaks about an invisible magic circle, those inside are indubitably called ‘the insiders’ and those not ‘the outsiders’. Outsiders can identify themselves, like her, like me, we don’t belong anywhere.  We’re lost. In constant search for something. We were born in the wrong time, place, with the wrong people- everything scratch zero. If you plan to watch the Japanese anime movie please do, it’s a wonderful story about a girl who meets a mysterious English blonde. Anna opens up to Marnie ‘the girl trapped inside the blue window. Marnie’  she was so beautiful and lovely. Also, please never consider watching it in dub, that’s the worst decision you could make to such a piece of work. It ruins originality, character presence,scene representation, voice inference and over all it’s so fucking annoying and a mockery of any anime or anime movie production. Watch sub. All the difficulties you think would happen are just in your head, there’s no need to stress on reading and watching simultaneously. It shall come naturally as long as you focus on listening to the voice of the characters.
Oh look, I’ve strayed off topic. Me and my rambling. Back on track,
This is what I had texted my partial best friend a week ago.
The reason I call her that is because we never meet up, I don’t want to
give in myself completely- expectations kill me, it always does.

“Ok, so listen.
I’m really tired. Physically and mentally.  I can’t concentrate in any of my classes, can’t follow study schedules, or diets, or anything. I don’t feel anything. I can’t think of anything really. And I’m so tired.  I thought it was just a phase, that it will pass but it’s been going on for a while now.  I realised it became serious and critical when others started to notice. The other day, my teacher called me to the staff room telling me that I’m so weak, frail, tired that she felt bad to watch me as she taught me. She asked me what was wrong, my sleeping patterns, and that if I needed to see a doctor. Speaking of sleeping patterns, I can’t. I just can’t.  I can sleep. I can fall asleep but I can’t stay asleep. I’m half dreaming, half awake, half agitated, half aware and there’s just no goddamn peace. I know who’s coming in, when it gets bright, I keep thinking inside of my head. It’s more tiring to sleep than to stay awake in that case. It’s a hassle. There are other things too. The shivering. I thought I only shivered if I was public speaking a little but these days my hands start shivering when I talk about what I want to do or did like for ex: my ideas of a project, how a competition went and when I really talk about my feelings. 
Most of the time, i’m really anxious, isolated or excited and talkative.
Also, when I don’t feel anything. It’s just an empty sinking feeling. Like my heart feels heavy and I get feverish. And, I look so sick, pale and my dark circles might go down in history if they became any bigger.
And people. I don’t like people. They’re so selfish and cruel. Not that I didn’t know that but it’s too much to bear. How can they be so narrow minded, ignorant and cheap, I hate it all.
I thought that if I believed in me, that I could survive, that if I choose to live and bear it all, I could do anything. But, then they come and ask ‘why are you so depressed?’ ‘You look so tired’ ‘are you happy?’ ‘You’re not happy’ ‘what’s wrong?’ ‘Why don’t you talk?’ ‘You should try and mingle more with others’

I had to actually look at this text again to recall what I was going through. It’s only been  about a week and it already feels like this was ages behind. And, I’ve put it all behind me. I took a leave, slept all day, did grocery shopping, went out to the sea, listened to music, watched movies, wrote stuff and gave myself me time.
I still am recovering from a massive blow, it may take time but I’m beginning to love and accept myself.
It’s me who was there holding my arms when I cried on the back of the door. It was me who always told myself how beautiful I was when I left the house. It was me who sang songs when I couldn’t sleep.
It was me who winked at the mirror.
It was me who said it was okay to be ignored, that I deserve better and walked away. It was me who loved me. Only me. I did all that. I give myself completely when I love, so fully, that drowning was not worse, I wish I loved me back then as much as I loved others.
I wish to avidly feel the universe, the trees I’m envious of because they
dance along the wind so happily, the waves that hit the shore and pulled by the moon, strangers with kind eyes, the flock of birds when the morning dew hits the green leaves, the calm blue sky we adore, the little pebbles that scatter on beach sand, the smell of the rain like dawn of a new beginning, marvelous movies and dramas, applauding theatres and plays, musicians who sing in the corner of the street, the black cat with neon eyes who strolls the nightlife,  the radiant winter sun (only in winter), newborns chuckling laughter and lastly but not ending, you who fill me far off in the distance amongst the tall alpines.
I’ve ranted enough for a night. It’s nearly 4 am, I’m still awake because I drank too much coffee. I’m still waiting for miracles. Waiting for me to create one. I’d like to say out of gratitude that if you have read so far, you’re most truly a gift from god, a blessing, a brilliant mind.

That girl across the marsh

One morning, long back
Across the marsh, I had glimpsed a fair maiden
Big eyes, bluish torqouise
Befitting red apple smile, plush rosy cheek
Across the marsh, a dandelion among weeds.

Her joyous demeanour, tender gape
Sunny exuberant
Lit the azure sky for a few moments
I ne’er forgot her
Everywhile I saw her
I began to smile
I desired to converse with her
Get into her eyes
My name on her lips.

She danced like an egret in flight
Delicately elaborate; swift, smooth
Her voice, euphonious chirping
How her limbs were so good
She took a sport, swaying her arms, winning trophies
Such vigour, such purity, such gentleness.

But, I ne’er could speak with her
My heart felt heavy
My tongue twisting
My fears condescending
And before I time myself
Long gone is she.

I write this as she came to me
And I let go the occasion to speak with her
I want to tell it to her
That her dance makes my chest weightless
That I saw her long back
Starstruck, bedazzled.

I let her off my mind for quite a while
Within the two years I’d known her
I had my own lovers; one or two, spite and alluring
I let her off my mind
That I not wish to meet my voice with hers
That I not wished to know why she looked so dreamy, sad at times
That I not know who she was
How she lived, what she did, what she wanted to do.

But, the lovers leave
Unsincerity mingled
Then I saw her
On a rainy day
My hair wet
My hand rigid
She looked like the first time
Across the marsh
So I wanted to speak with her
But, my heart felt heavy
My tongue twisting
My fears condescending
And before I time myself
Long gone is she
Gone into the flooding marsh
When will I ever…?