My Thin Sheets (MTS) is a blog running under the fingers of an avid semi-realist to relinquish her written words for readers to relate, opiniate and share.
The reason I call my blog ‘My Thin Sheets’ was plainly a whim at first, but to articulately define, would be to say,
I write because I feel everything disappears and withers away, that the papers are thin and dilapidated, that memories can no longer be remembered but words pass into generations, on thin fragile piece of wood product.

In the past two years (2015-16), I’ve had a massive amount of time to put pen on paper.I write down what I feel in the moment; about lovers, the universe, the illusionary world, nature blooming, my favourite things that have touched me in all these years and just whatever thoughts and theories, that like chirpy hens lay eggs on my floating mind.

I also look forward to encourage, to later read on and understand myself better, to spread
warmth, to sprout love and to remind people of grief.

You’re more than welcome here, go ahead, take your time and bombard me with love.