Every friday at the cabaret district

One Friday, at the cabaret district
Where woeful souls idle, to sink
In the red light’s booze entertainment; when the night falls, severed
Pieces look for places of attachment
Here at the cabaret, I met you.

Every Friday, I wash up the shore
Naked, baffled
Entangled by sea sand
I stand; I seek a will to convey what mere flesh entwined, cannot
A bewitching stranger, collapsing into embrace
Here at the cabaret, I met you

Your lips reckon me out of realism, gently lay atop my natural breast
I surrender.
You, as frail and white as the first snow.
I surrender.

In a forlorn globe of chaos, discernment, nudity, unheeded cognizance and lust
Breaking barriers, You mimic the sun’s vital force
For you without, bulbs are a failing victim to hollow darkness. 

The memory of you, lord; bitter red, coffee, orchids at the vineyard
The hue of your black hole eyes, a rainbow after dusk
If you were a drug, it’d be irresistible

I say, mister I’m pursuing a woman who’s name I know not
Who’s sweet voice I hear everyday, who’s picture I have not
Who’s hands met me only once that Friday moons ago
They tell me not, a fool they bloat
One should never seek, a courtesan
I fool, I mind not.

Fridays; I take up five drags, the smoke stutters my breath escaping
For your name floats at the back of my throat, I’m certain a lovely name it was, the tongue is its compression.

I slid across unknown streets, rooftops, elevators, rooms
To see my red maiden
Does she not remember me from a vague Friday?
The magic whispers when I first saw you
To the ecstasy borne intimacy
All the apparents come crushing by
And you evanesced leaving me with my absent words
Your name I recall not.

Come see me, how I waited so long
On chill crowded pavements, I may not be a liquor man
I shall nevertheless drink away to keep you warm
From your flowing gown, caressed by your straight coal hair
To your slender frame limping my neurons
Every feature embedded, I can never forget

Come see me, how I searched so long
Every Friday, at the cabaret district

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