Limelight Love

It was a long day
And I returned home
Promenading elsewhere, from the bus stop

I hoofed on the road to a limelit lamp, meteoric gleam
My gloves yawning into my winter cloak
I saw a sweet face everytime the light came on
An unworldly heartsick man stood by
In all jet black; Tall and pale
Olive lime eyes heeded me

The chest pumped as I raced my heels
This was my darling, he was right there
So, I called out his name
Responding, he smiled
Relief; the happiness,verged
He held out his hand
I reached

We spent infinity on earth, at a country café
And began to rhapsodize conversations of sci-fi, music, christmas, theatre all okay
He told me how he had been, how his work wasn’t all that good
That he reminisced of me time to time
That whenever he did, strummed a few acoustic chords
And weeped a droplet or two
I wrote about him
And did too.
If one were to make a wish out of wishes, I would want time to freeze
In its control, to let me meet his warm cheek across the table;
Eternal elapse

A hasty night curtain, he leaves
A never tomorrow with me, with us
Outside that cranky door
The coffee cold by my trembling fingers
He’s gone into his life
Where I can’t watch him grow

That night I had forgotten
But,I still hoofed on the road to a limelit lamp
I see a sweet face everytime the light comes on
He holds out his hand, smiling

The chest pumps as I race my heels
Reality aches over fantasy
R&B player dismays a delusive mind
I sink to my knees next to the pole
On the snowy esplanade, reflecting a meteoric gleaming

This scene, the starless episode
I told them to fix the lamp

It was a long day
And I returned home.

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