Introspective Analysis

Spurn the thread
Reil the fishline
Tame the aquatic acrobat

No abrasive conclusions
Observe the flippant creature
Look to its flesh
Gouge the heart in your palms
Anticipate its direction
And set your compass.

The journey, vandalising
But remember
To hear the beat in your palms
Look to the flow of blood; the arteries
Don’t let the blood weep
For your agony is the havoc
Of your desolate mind.

Honesty is perseverance
No fluctuations; what you feel and what you should feel
Let the blood run wild
Even the brimming is only uncontainable passion
Let it leak in the right buckets
As long as you reach the island- the hill of your ambition.

The heart is gratified
Fire engulfs the overflown arteries
Imparting a golden light.

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